NetConnect is ready for Windows 10 S

Ready for Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S – streamlined for security and superior performance.

Microsoft have just announced the latest update to the Windows OS – Windows 10 S. A specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro,  10 S is the secure, locked down version, only allowing installation of applications that are available on the Windows Store, in an effort to maximise security.

There are some limitations;

  • The default browser will be Microsoft Edge, rather than allowing Chrome or Firefox* (at least in the early stages).
  • Some functionalities are removed, such as running command line applications.
  • Existing apps and programs that aren’t available on the Windows Store will not run locally.

Rest assured, if you’re concerned about losing access to business critical applications, NetConnect will be operable on Windows 10 S, easily accessible via the Microsoft Edge web browser.

As NetConnect is accessible through all browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc), as well as iOS and Android apps, businesses can continue to operate as usual regardless of how many users are upgraded to Windows 10 S, or sit on different operating systems.

Request your trial licence here and be up and running in no time!

*Microsoft, Introducing Windows 10 S

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