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We love sharing information with you about technical updates to NetConnect, what’s trending in the mobility space, and where we can meet and speak face-to-face, but it’s not so often that we share some of our customer success stories. Recently, the team had a potential customer pointed in their direction, fresh off the back of a security problem many of us can empathise with.

The customer, who had recently experienced a security breach following an incorrectly configured firewall, found his environment exposed to the big, bad world from where an army of reprobates were attempting to storm the castle. While he was able to find assistance and reconfigure the firewall, he was still shaken & concerned at how vulnerable his environment might be, particularly when accessed by staff outside the physical walls of the office.

After a short conversation, our customer asked-

How can I protect my environment, while still providing access to offsite staff?

We outlined how, under the same scenario, NetConnect would provide an additional layer of security, while also improving the experience of remote users accessing the programs they used on a daily basis. In this case, the customer would be able to deny all incoming connections to their environment, with the exception of those coming from the NetConnect server.

Next – as with all NetConnect sales – we ran the customer through a physical demonstration of how end-users would access their environment once the installation was made. The customer quickly realised the potential of the solution and asked for immediate installation, but the catch was the installation needed to occur quickly and seamlessly – it was late Thursday afternoon, and the customer was taking leave the following Monday.

Working quickly, the team progressed through the standard deployment steps. This customer was already running on a virtual environment, so there were no problems making room within the virtual servers thanks to the low amount of resourcing required for NetConnect (2GB Ram, 1 CPU, 40GB HDD). The customer was provisioned with access to the NorthbridgeSecure Partner Portal, and within minutes began downloading the required installation packages. Once downloaded, our engineer was able to connect to the customer’s environment and proceed with the installation.

By close of play Thursday, the customer had a blank NetConnect instance running in his environment. A feat that is unattainable with most other solutions…

The following day, support worked with the customer to:
• Integrate with Active Directory to provide simple user management and single sign on.
• Publish the required internal applications to NetConnect.
• Guide the user through the internal network amendments required to make NetConnect available publicly, include NATing and DNS changes.
• Work with the customer to order and install an SSL certificate.

After completing the rapid deployment, we ran accelerated training for users and admin & with in-application onboarding messages – key staff members who would be using the application initially were up and running with no additional support required from our customer. Of course, throughout the process we reiterate to our customers that support is included with licencing – giving confidence that help doesn’t go quiet after payment, nor would they be left to learn how to manage the product alone.


Reach out to us today for an initial consult and see for yourself how quick and easy a NetConnect installation can be.
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As the full-time Operations Manager, James is responsible for ensuring NetConnect is running as smoothly as it possibly can, and providing customers with the speedy first-class service they have come to expect.

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