Tech in Gov 2017

Technology in Government 2017

Explore emerging next-gen technologies in the public sector at Tech in Gov 2017!
The 2017 Technology in Government Summit brings together a high level, public sector focused audience, with market leaders in ICT and emerging digital technologies. Co-located along a buzzing solutions focused exhibition, this multi-platform conference program offers delegates the opportunity to close the knowledge gap and allow Federal, State and Local Government Departments and Agencies to collaborate, leverage knowledge and foster innovation.

Held over two days at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, August 1 and 2 comprises multiple plenary sessions, networking events, roundtable discussions and seminars to keep everyone entertained.


Get your FREE delegate ticket here, and keep an eye out for NetConnect in the exhibition hall – we’re looking forward to catching up!

National Convention Centre, Canberra

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