USE CASE - SaaS-ify Your Solution

Without changing a single line of code, NetConnect transforms any software into a Mobile Solution.

Ritzy and NetConnect is a match made in heaven

Ritzy Solutions

Ritzy Solutions is a bespoke accounting software designed & widely-used by freight forwarding companies.

The Problem

Ritzy’s ever growing customer base is defined by two key factors; multiple worldwide locations & staff that are constantly on the move. Facing an increasing demand to support their customer base with a mobile solution, Ritzy needed to adapt to their customers’ needs. The initial scope & development of Ritzy’s solution never accounted for changing business environments & as such, to remain relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace they needed to mobilise their software. The cost of redeveloping their solution to a SaaS model was by no means cost-effective, so they turned to NetConnect…

The Requirement

Sujith Komath, Chief Technology Officer of Ritzy Solutions, wanted to enable a solution that would allow customers to access Ritzy software from mobile devices. However, Ritzy’s top priority is the security of customer data, and as such they required a mobile solution that would keep their customer’s data on-premise, without any cloud migration. The answer was to white label NetConnect, integrating seamlessly into the Ritzy software within a few hours & virtually no rewrite of the existing code. Additionally, as NetConnect never stores data itself or on a user’s device, critical files & information never leaves the company servers & Ritzy can continue to operate exactly as they do today – with the added benefit of mobility for their customers!

The NetConnect Solution

Instantly Mobile!

Ritzy users are now able to give their customers time-sensitive, critical updates no matter where they are in the world as they are no longer tethered to their desk. NetConnect has enabled the full Ritzy experience to their users from their device of choice.
The best part? Ritzy developers didn’t have to rewrite a single line of code!

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Security, Giving you Peace of Mind.

As a fully flexible solution, NetConnect is compatible with all hyper-visors, can be installed on multiple cloud environments or even on a fully managed & installed physical appliance. For Ritzy, customers required access to the software from their mobile devices, however, they did not want to migrate to the cloud or compromise their data sovereignty.

Ritzy white labeled NetConnect, deploying it as an on-premise solution to enable total mobility for Ritzy users. This ensures all critical files & information is never stored on a user’s device, sitting safely within their customer network.

Diagram_how Ritzy uses NetConnect

Mobility, Without Breaking the Bank.

Rather than investing locally in IT infrastructure in remote locations, or developing a SaaS solution themselves, Ritzy simply deployed NetConnect. Through enabling NetConnect as a white label solution, Ritzy was able to save a significant amount of time & money.

Tablet and mobile device running NetConnect

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