Use Case

Mobilizing Ritzy’s Accounting package for their users.

Mobilize Windows Applications

Turn your Windows application into a mobile app with NetConnect.


The best industry-recognised solutions often take time to build. Equally as often, these solutions have built their excellence on year of evolution to adapt to the functional requirements of their users and customers. In many cases, this type of software is written in such a way that they require a windows environment to run and would require significant effort to be turned into a mobile or online solution.

As a result, they are not ready for the new generation of customer request – the ability to access the application from anywhere, or even better – the ability to run the application in the cloud and access it from any device.

NetConnect makes this migration very simple. 

NetConnect is a mobility gateway, allowing users to access any windows-based resource from any device or any web browser, without any configuration on the user device.

Our software development partners have successfully used NetConnect to transform their legacy software into a new generation, hosted & mobile software, without re-writing a single line of code, and without changing the interface their users love.

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Let’s look a little deeper as to how NetConnect can Mobilize Windows Applications for any business.

Offering a hosted service fronted by NetConnect is very simple. You only need to host your servers on any hosted server provider of your choice, as a Microsoft Remote Desktop Server. This provides the flexibility of the service, but does not provide the flexibility of access & simplicity of user management.

This is where NetConnect comes into the picture. By fronting the Remote Desktop server with NetConnect, you allow your users to connect to your application via any web browser, using their device of choice. NetConnect integrates with Active Directory , and even offers two factor authentication integration. to allow you to increase the security of your solution.

Users get the exact same interface they are accustomed to, on any device they choose, and can start using the application immediately. You, on the other hand, gain the benefit of a fully hosted service that you can offer your customers, without having to worry about the complexity or the security of the environment.

As a result, your software retains its core functionality, and you do not need to re-write it. You are however able to offer a fully hosted service with the full functionality of your solution to your customers.

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