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Enabling mobility for executives to business critical applications.

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Ever wished there was an App on your Phone or Tablet that could make your entire office environment accessible wherever you go? Welcome to NetConnect!


Enabling the use of mobile devices in an organization is a often a daunting task – between the lack of mobile applications for critical operational software & the complexities of integration, the dream tends to fade rapidly with each layer of complexity. Often, companies end up limiting their use of mobile devices to email & calendar, when there is so much more to achieve!

NetConnect transforms your entire IT environment into a mobile app – yes, including that application that will only run on Windows that does not have a mobile app. If it runs on Windows (or even Linux), you can make it available from a mobile device and enable your users to work from their device of choice, wherever they are – inside or outside the office, and give them the luxury of having their data in the palm of their hands at all times.

NetConnect comes standard with mobile apps for iOS & Android, whilst servicing all other mobile devices via a web browser, giving users the ability to really use the device they want.

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Let’s look a little deeper as to how NetConnect can enable Mobility for any business.

The power of NetConnect resides in a small server installed within the local network. This server can be either physical hardware, or a virtual machine. Upon installation the NetConnect server integrates within the local network, server and desktop based applications and even integrates with the existing Active Directory policies, with no need to change the network itself.

After a simple configuration of less than an hour, NetConnect transforms the local network into a mobile & secure environment, automatically handling the technical configuration involved, immediately providing secure remote connections through a web browser that requires no add-ons or 3rd Party Plugins.

From that point, users will be able to use any Internet browser from any device and connect to the office. The interface they have is a direct replica from the one they have when sitting at their desk, so there is no change in the way the applications work: the files are still stored exactly in the same folders, the applications are exactly the same and so forth…

Users become instantly mobile and can work outside the office. When connecting from a mobile device, they can use one of our mobile apps, or the mobile browser of choice. Connecting via a desktop PC or Mac only requires a web browser. Upon connecting with the same password they use in the office, users are presented with a mobile Workspace, giving them access to all their internal resources – applications, files and even their PC. When connecting, the user-interface is exactly the same as what users have when sitting at their desk, so there is no need to re-learn anything and users can be efficient immediately.

For users who do not need to connect from outside the office, absolutely nothing changes. 

Installing NetConnect in a live environment is very simple. When installed by a trained engineer in a small business, the installation usually takes no more than an hour for simple environments. 

Once installed, the NetConnect environment requires very minimal maintenance – the environment runs on a stable Linux platform which does not require regular updates or reboots. The NetConnect environment is a true “Set & Forget” application.

NetConnect has been designed as a security gateway from the inception. By nature, NetConnect ensures your data remains safely in the office, and only a visual representation of your applications, files & desktops are presented to the user. As a result, no data ever leaves the office, and your IT policies remain fully in place. Additionally, remote devices only ever connect via the NetConnect gateway, which acts as a safeguard for your entire network. This ensures that only communication between the authorized remote device and the network is allowed. What this means is that even if the remote device is attacked by a virus, the network is safe behind the NetConnect gateway.

All communications between your remote device and NetConnect is fully encrypted, ensuring no one can spy on your remote users when they are working outside the office.

NetConnect works very differently to a VPN.

A VPN is designed to bridge a device to the network and virtually connect this device to this network. Unless the device has been properly configured to communicate with the network, it will not allow users to actually work without opening this connection. After connecting to a VPN, without detailed limitations users have full access to copy, move & export data even then, users often still need to open specific connections, access multiple applications.

With NetConnect, NO DATA is ever stored on the remote device and data copying is disabled.

NetConnect is a Remote Access Gateway, installed and running on a Linux environment. Unlike a basic VPN, NetConnect provides multiple levels of integration and security to ensure a smooth integration and better security;

  • By integrating with Active Directory, NetConnect ensures users only have one main password to remember, and allows IT to control access from a single point
  • NetConnect is fully HTML5 enabled, and no VPN connection is required – just a simple web browser! This means users can change devices when they want, without having to re-configure a VPN connection on each new device.
  • NetConnect is compatible with multiple protocols: Microsoft remote desktop, VNC, SSH, Telnet & SMB are only some of the most important ones.
  • NetConnect brings all these protocols to the mobile and remote devices by removing all the end-user complexity.
  • NetConnect integrates with most two-factor authentication solutions, allowing additional levels of security as required.

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