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Traditional remote access methods (such as VPNs) are no longer sufficient solutions when it comes to cloud servers. Posing security risks, struggling to operate with mobile devices, and requiring client deployment, old connectivity solutions lower the perceived value of a cloud deployment,

NetConnect solves the access dilemma by offering a user-friendly remote access solution designed to secure data within an existing cloud environment, simultaneously allowing users to interact with their applications from any device.

The complexities of the cloud

The Complexities of the Cloud

The ‘Cloud’ is a very broad term, entailing parts that have been moved to a SaaS solution, and parts that still require an IaaS server. As a result, securing access to a cloud deployment can often be a complex task.

The true value of the cloud is only achieved once any time/any where access is enabled, allowing end users to connect to the cloud environment from any device of their choice – a seemingly simple task, until the requirements for server, application and data protection are realised.

Compatible with any cloud, NetConnect secures your cloud servers and delivers IaaS servers & legacy applications, making it easy to complete your cloud deployment and offer the full cloud experience to your users, without relying on an unpredictable and unsafe VPN connection through your corporate network.

NetConnect is a small gateway, installed within the customer cloud environment. Seen by the customer as as separate server, NetConnect is compatible with all major cloud providers and all standard virtualisation environments. Upon installation, NetConnect integrates with the live environment to make it available from anywhere: full security, full integration with active directory (including Azure AD), Remote Desktop Servers, Intranet, file servers, and legacy applications.

The simple configuration system allows granular access control and enables administrators to authorise users with access to the applications and servers they need – and only those.

  • Secures data within the cloud environment
  • Does not require client deployment – everything is HTML5, including your remote desktop server!
  • Does not require a VPN
  • No data is left on the remote device
  • Provides fully encrypted communication between server and device
  • Compatible with all major cloud providers

Installing NetConnect in an existing cloud environment is completed in a matter of minutes. Because NetConnect is not a hosted offering, it guarantees complete control over data security  and runs separately  in each customers environment.

Cloud service provider examples

Once installed and properly configured, NetConnect requires very little maintenance while working in the background, allowing remote users to connect securely to the cloud server from any mobile device or web browser. Exact configuration depends on the capacity of the network, however a trained engineer can make the server accessible for users within an hour or two.

Need to try it first? NetConnect runs alongside existing infrastructure with a 30-day trial licence available, so you can deploy and test NetConnect with no upfront commitments or alterations to a customer’s environment. If your customer is not completely satisfied simply remove the instance with no ongoing costs.

Available on the Azure Marketplace as a preconfigured machine, installation and deployment becomes even simpler – and with complete integration to Azure AD and Azure MFA, secure access to servers is available almost immediately.

NetConnect requires a Standard_A2 server*, which will hold upwards of 100 concurrent connections. The complete list of requirements for NetConnect on Azure include:

  • A Standard A2 server, charged to your Azure account
  • Application servers – typically a remote desktop server
  • Remote Desktop licences – BYOL, typically SPLA licences from your preferred partner
  • NetConnect licences- price guide here.

* Standard A2 server is charged at approx US$50 p/month. Refer to Azure Marketplace for full details.
*Azure Active Directory and Azure Multi Factor Authentication may require additional Microsoft Azure SKUs for full integration. Refer to Azure Marketplace for full details.

Azure Deployment

diagram of a NetConnect instance in an Azure environment

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