Azure RemoteApp EOL

RemoteApp EOL

Microsoft® have decided to pull the plug on their remote desktop service in favor of a comprehensive Citrix solution, discontinuing the service by August 31, 2017¹. This change cements the Microsoft-Citrix partnership, but leaves many customers in limbo, continuing use of a product that will cease to exist in 12 months’ time. The new XenApp “express” designed to replace Azure RemoteApp is still in planning²- a release not due for months. Pair this with Citrix’s extensive accreditation requirements and upfront partner commitments, the ability to offer SMB’s a mobility solution on Azure is looking increasingly difficult with the Enterprise giant.
NetConnect provides an immediate alternative to Citrix for mobility on Azure, with the ability to enable remote access to existing environments in minutes. Combine this with dedicated channel support and accreditation program for partners, NetConnect offers solutions to increasing mid-market demand for mobility. Why endure downtime and uncertainty waiting for Citrix to build, test and release XenApp “express”, when you can deploy enterprise-grade mobility for the SMB today?


The SMB is desperate for simple & secure enterprise-grade mobility. Learn more about NetConnect, and seize the opportunity today!


¹ Application Remoting and the Cloud; Remote Desktop Team, August 12 2016

² Microsoft ditches Azure RemoteApp for Citrix tool, IT News, August 15 2016

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