USE CASE - From Cloud Provider to MSP

NetConnect gives your business the tools needed to shift towards an MSP model by enabling mobility – simply, securely & affordably.

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Amaze is an Australian-based company providing comprehensive hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The Problem

There has been an increasing desire from Amaze customers to enable their staff to work from outside the office & access all of their business critical applications from personal devices. For Amaze, they had the hosting capabilities, be it in the cloud or on-premise, but they needed a remote desktop solution that they could enable for customers within the Amaze infrastructure. Amaze saw the opportunity to begin their shift from a hosting provider to an MSP model, so they turned to NetConnect…

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The Requirement

Amaze is a cloud provider for Wentworth Williams & Associates Chartered Accountants who needed their staff to be able to access their business application & files from anywhere in the world, using their mobile devices. Wentworth Williams & Associates also required their employees to have the same access to application versions & need assurance they would be working out of a secure environment with significant data protection in place.

The NetConnect Solution

Enable Mobility, For Your Customers.

Deploying NetConnect in the Amaze Cloud enabled Wentworth Williams & Associates staff to embrace mobility. Employees can now access their business critical apps from home or at customer premises, using their device of choice. Staff love the flexibility of NetConnect, where they can either connect to their office environment via the mobile apps, or simply login via the website depending on their preference.

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Greater Agility, Greater Security.

Deploying NetConnect for Wentworth Williams increased their overall security & access control. ALL of their data & user profiles are accessed from a central location in the Amaze Cloud which has been built using industry standard best practices & sits behind a firewall. It’d be easier to break into the Smithsonian! With NetConnect, data is never stored on a user’s device so there are zero security issues if an employees device is lost or stolen.

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Cloud + NetConnect = Cost-Effective

Moving to the cloud is often not a cost-effective move from a high-level running perspective, however, shifting to a cloud remote desktop environment doesn’t just make good business sense – it saves money. Amaze has found that by deploying NetConnect within the “Amaze Cloud” they reduce customers overall IT spend per annum, improve their technology reliability & increase employee productivity.

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