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Work is an activity, not a place

NetConnect enables you to work from anywhere, using your device of choice.
With NetConnect, you can carry your office in your pocket. 



NetConnect is the new generation secure remote access solution, offering powerful mobile and remote working capabilities. Securing the connection between corporate data & applications and your device of choice, NetConnect allows you to work from anywhere – just as if you were sitting at your desk.

With comprehensive access to your office environment, NetConnect enables you to complete all the activities you would usually do in the office using any device (Tablet, Mobile, PC or Mac) with uncompromising enterprise-grade security. 
Far more powerful than a traditional VPN, NetConnect delivers all internal applications (regardless of type, legacy or otherwise) to a single workspace, integrating to a live infrastructure without deployment or migration.

How Does It Work?

NetConnect is a gateway installed within your network. Usually deployed as a virtual machine, NetConnect acts as an airgap between your corporate network’s data and applications and users accessing resources remotely.

  • Provides secure access to your internal web servers, ensuring full encryption of data to end device
  • Delivers all Remote Desktop servers  and applications via an HTML5 interface.
  • Installation and configuration completed within a day

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Is It A Cloud?

No, NetConnect is not a Cloud offering! Installed and managed separately within each individual organisation’s network, you can control exactly who has access to what.

  • Install on-prem to mobilise your environment, or in your private cloud to enable secure remote access
  • Deploy in your hosted environment and enjoy a true cloud solution, without jeopardising security
  • Compatible with all major cloud providers

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With NetConnect you not only enjoy total office mobility but receive complete network security via native 2FA integration, role-based access control, and active directory integration.

 NetConnect comes standard with multi-layered security offering industry leading data encryption, never storing data on a user’s device. Users work on a visual representation of their desktop, so no data leaves the corporate network.


Retain the full functionality of your PC and sort files by name or size; move, copy or delete files and folders; or search for files wherever they might be located- in your office server environment, on a work PC, or even a home PC.

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Whether you are in the office, on the road, at a customer site or working from home, access to your company information & files is critical to an efficient and modern workplace. Install NetConnect on your local or cloud environment and your office is instantly mobile, in your pocket everywhere you go, with zero configuration downtime & complete security of your business environment. 

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Don’t risk losing control of your data, use NetConnect to make it a secure mobile office. 

The beauty of NetConnect lies in its ability to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Avoid complicated and unnecessary data migrations with the NetConnect secure gateway, installed in your network, transforming it into a mobile network without affecting any other components. This enables mobility rapidly for you and your team who need access, yet leaves your network untouched for all other users who don’t require mobile access.

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No need for any complicated client installs on your device.

NetConnect transforms your entire infrastructure into an HTML5-enabled solution, delivering all applications (including legacy applications) within a browser. Embrace the benefits of the cloud with a centrally managed solution, without installing anything on your device – simply open a web-browser and start working, without the need to configure devices individually.

No device? No problem!

Don’t fret if you get caught out of the office without a mobile device, you’re still always mobile with NetConnect. If you can access a web browser, you can access your desktop. Simply log in to your personalised NetConnect online portal and your desktop is available on any device.

iMac NC Login Front

Intuitive icon driven interface, NetConnect eliminates the need for end-user retraining. Use the gestures you know such as swipe to scroll, tap to click, and pinch to zoom, on any Mac or PC application as if it were a native iOS or Android app.

Landscape tablet running NetConnect webtop

NetConnect projects effortlessly from any device, to any external monitor so even when you’re on the road or even presenting you’ve always got the ability to project and use a second screen. This means you can run your office desktop, with complete functionality, from only an iPad!

tablet projecting to a second screen

If you’re an avid audiophile fear not! Unlike most mobile access solutions, NetConnect offers real-time audio streaming from your office environment to your mobile device. Experience true local environment replication, at full volume, as it should be.

Audio On Mobile Device

NetConnect allows you to print files from your office environment to a local printer. By generating a local version of your files, you have the flexibility to print from any printer wherever you are in the world.

NetConnect print from anywhere

With the option for multiple profiles you can store all required environments securely in one place, accessing simply by selecting that profile. You may need to access your office PC, home PC, office server or a dedicated environment for restricted access users (i.e. MYOB).

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  • Remote desktop dervers
  • User’s desktops
  • Intranet
  • File Servers

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  • Active directory integration
    • Azure AD, Microsoft AD
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Local authentication

Landscape tablet running NetConnect webtop

  • Monitoring and reporting
    • Know when users are connected
    • Know where users are connecting to/from

tablet projecting to a second screen

  • All iOS devices
  • All supported versions of Windows
  • All supported versions of Chromebook
  • All Android devices*

*Due to volume and variety of Android devices support is based on an ad-hoc basis

Audio On Mobile Device

  • On premise
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

NetConnect print from anywhere

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